Therapeutic Support for Adults and Children

Dr. Chet Muklewicz is a Pennsylvania Licensed Psychologist with 25 years of specialized experience acquired as a parent divorce educator, as a trainer to legal and mental health professionals, as a therapist specializing in children of divorce, and as an author.

In his private practice he has helped thousands of families cope with parental breakups and transition into healthy two-home families. He is the author of Safeguarding the Well-Being of Children During & After a Parental Breakup.

Help for Single Parents


Child-centered support and guidance on introducing a new partner or helping children cope with the introduction of new partners

Adjustment Therapy

For anxiety, depression, or pre-existing condition exacerbated by stress of separation and divorce

Parent Coaching

On ways to support children and make informed decisions on how best to proceed with family changes

Coping Support & Guidance

Dealing with high conflict parental relationship and custody disputes

Co-Parenting Support

Parental Coaching with Cooperative Parents

Support and help in moving forward to make the transition from a single home family to a healthy two home family.

Help for High Conflict Parents

Co-Parent Counseling for High Conflict Parents

Court ordered family therapy to help high conflict parents keep their children out of the conflict and advance the well-being of children. Court reports often required. 

Parent-Child Relationships

Reunification Therapy

Reintroduction of a parent after extended absence. Can be court-ordered with required court reports

Parental Coaching

Support and guidance in helping children adjust to the family changes and deal with emotional or behavioral problems of the children

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Dr. Chet has helped thousands of families cope with parental breakups and transition into healthy two-home families.

  • Sessions Available by Zoom or In-Person
  • Fee: $120-$160 per session
  • Insurance Accepted: Blue Cross/Blue Shield Highmark

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