Safeguarding the Well-Being of Children During & After A Parental Breakup

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About the workbook

This workbook begins with research highlights identifying what helps and hinders children as they cope with parental breakups. Building on that evidence, a Family Transition Plan is presented consisting of fifteen positive steps parents can take to ensure the well-being of their children. Topics include Common Age-Related Adjustment Problems, Impact of High Conflict Parents, Vision of a Healthy Two-Home Family, Disengaging from Conflict, Co-parenting Communication, Resetting Parenting Boundaries, and others. 8.5 x 11. 104 pages.

Part I: Research Highlights

  • Effects of Parental Breakups on Children
  • Risk Factors for Children Getting Hurt
  • Factors that Protect Children from Harm
  • Hope for Children Through Parental Empowerment
  • Parental Assessment of Risk to Children
  • Common Age-Related Adjustment Problems
  • Impact of High Conflict Parents
  • Assessment of Child Adjustment Problems

Part II: Family Transition Plan Workbook

  • Vision of a Healthy Two-Home Family
  • Parents Taking Care of Themselves
  • Disengaging from Parent Conflict
  • Seeing Problems Through the Eyes of a Child
  • Keeping Children Out of the Middle
  • Managing Safety Issues
  • Telling the Children
  • Resetting Parenting Boundaries
  • Co-parenting Communication
  • Cautiously Introducing New Partners
  • Helping Children Express Feelings with Words
  • Conflict-Free Exchanges of the Children
  • Improving Coping Skills of Children
  • Using an Authoritative Parenting Style
  • Building Healthy Support Systems

About the Author

Dr. Chet Muklewicz is a Pennsylvania Licensed Psychologist. He has 25 years of specialized experience acquired as a parent divorce educator, as a trainer to legal and mental health professionals, a therapist specializing in children of divorce, and an author.

He developed and presented a parent divorce education class called Kids First to over to over 25,000 parents. In his private practice he has helped thousands of families cope with parental breakups and transition into healthy two-home families.  He is a former Academic Dean, Professor of Psychology and Lecturer Graduate School. He is often called upon as an expert witness in Family Courts.