Will Our Children be Okay?

Most separating parents worry about how their children will cope with their breakups. Will the children be okay? What can be done to help them? What is known about that? The short answer is that there is a lot known about how children cope with and are affected by parental breakups.

This class will guide parents in developing a Family Transition Plan that employs evidence-based strategies to ensure the healthy adjustment of children as parents reorganize their family lives into two-home households.

What is Known from the Research

Reason for Concern

Research has reported that children of divorce were found to have more behavioral, psychological, academic, and relationship problems when compared to children living with non-separated married parents.

Reason for Hope

Although some children will develop long-term problems, most will adjust to family changes in time. Some will actually go on to thrive in their new lives. Risks to their well-being are largely known and can be avoided or mitigated.

Parental Empowerment

Armed with good information, parents can take responsible steps to shield children from hurtful situations as they work to build a healthy two-home family for their children.

The Power of One Parent

Each parent has the potential to individually give their children what they most need: a conflict-free homelife and a close relationship with a well-adjusted and attentive parent. The good efforts of one parent can be enough.

Class Description

The Kids First Home Study Class has been designed to help parents and other caregivers to safeguard the well-being of children during and after a parental breakup.

The class includes research highlights identifying what helps and hinders children as they cope with parental breakups. Building on that evidence, a Family Transition Plan is presented consisting of fifteen positive steps parents can take to ensure the well-being of their children. The class resources include a workbook and a series of mini videos.

Preview Workbook Preview Video Series

Family Transition Plan

A Child-Centered Plan to Protect and Promote the Well-Being of Children

Reduce Initial & Transitional Family Stress

  • Telling the Children
  • Helping Children Express Their Feelings with Words
  • Seeing Problems Through the Eyes of a Child
  • Conflict-Free Exchanges of the Children
  • Keeping Children Out of the Middle

Improve Long-Term Family Stability

  • Vision of a Healthy Two-Home Family
  • Parents Taking Care of Themselves
  • Disengaging from Parent Conflict
  • Resetting Parenting Boundaries
  • Co-parenting Communication
  • Cautiously Introducing New Partners

Increase Stress Tolerance & Resiliency

  • Improving Coping Skills of Children
  • Using an Authoritative Parenting Style
  • Building Healthy Support Systems

Court Ordered Classes

Many Family Courts throughout the country require parents filing for custody or divorce to complete a parent divorce education class. This home study class is the equivalent of a four-hour live presentation. All parents are welcome to take this class, with or without a Court Order.

Certificate of Completion

After satisfying the class requirements, parents will receive a Certificate of Completion from Kids First by mail or email. Additionally, Kids First will send a copy of the certificate to the Family Court of Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania. Parents from other counties will need to submit their certificates to their home Court jurisdictions. It is recommended that parents get pre-approval from their home Court jurisdiction before taking the class, as Kids First cannot guarantee acceptance for all jurisdictions. See the Download below.

Kids First is Based in Scranton, Pennsylvania

Kids First Divorce Education Resources is located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Kids First is not part of or affiliated with any other business or program registered in any other state that includes, in part or in whole, the name “Kids First.” Parents should be aware that there are many parent divorce education programs throughout the country that share the name “Kids First.”

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Steps in Taking This Class

  1. Register and pay $40 fee
  2. Receive instructions, workbook, and a test
  3. Review the workbook, view at least six mini-videos available on our website, and take the test
  4. Send completed test to Kids First via mail, email, or fax. A score of 80% is required as a passing grade, as well as
    documenting the viewing of at least six of twenty videos.
  5. After passing the test, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from Kids First by mail or email

About The Author

About Dr. Chet Muklewicz

Dr. Chet Muklewicz is a Pennsylvania Licensed Psychologist. He has 25 years of specialized experience acquired as a parent divorce educator, as a trainer to legal and mental health professionals, as a therapist specializing in children of divorce, and as an author. Dr. Chet has presented this class to over 25,000 parents. In his private practice he has helped thousands of families cope with parental breakups and transition into healthy two-home families.  He is the author of Safeguarding the Well-Being of Children During & After a Parental Breakup.

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Complete and submit a registration form along with a check or money order in the amount of $40 made payable to “Kids First.”  Mail your registration and payment to: Kids First, 1030 Marion St, Scranton, PA 18509. A link for a registration form is listed below.

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