Providing hope through parental empowerment

From the desk of Dr. Chet

Psychologist & Parent Divorce Educator

Dear Parents and Other Caregivers,

Most parents going through a breakup worry about their children. They wonder: What can be done to help them? Here’s the real problem: We are all unaware of what we don’t know!

Here’s the solution: First, look for what you might not know. In doing so, you will discover that research has identified a clear list of what helps and hinders children as they cope with parental breakups.

Then, adopt an actual strategy, one that empowers you to take positive steps, independent of the other parent, to protect and promote the well-being of your children.

In doing so, you will have helped your children make positive adjustments and given them a genuine opportunity to thrive in their lives.

Wishing you and your children the best,

Dr. Chet

Available in Paperback – $15.99

Part I:  Fifty Years of Research

Identifies what helps and hinders children as they cope with parental breakups.

Part II:  Family Transition Plan

Fifteen positive steps parents can take to ensure the healthy adjustment of their children.

Interactive E-Flipbook – $19.99

 Unique Features & Interactive Functions 

  • Same content as the paperback book
  • Multi-sensory and multi-media approaches
  • Full-color art and images of children
  • Twenty mini-videos
  • Author audio comments
  • Downloadable forms
  • Links to resources for adults and children
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